B Free Wellness
Veterans Program Initiative 
"One Call Away"

Program Director: Damon Green


IG: one_call_away_vp


B Free Wellness Veterans Program

BFWVP is here to provide veterans with increased access to therapeutic/wellness services. Cape Cod is home to many veterans.  There are many amazing programs helping, yet we still often find our heroes in need. We are here to show them that the struggles, adversities and obstacles many may be facing are not the end all. There is help! People do care! We are grateful for their bravery and sacrifices. As a community we are here to support them with a strong United front!



“One Call Away” is the targeted initiative of BFWVP. The primary focus is Veteran Suicide Prevention and Awareness. A grassroots movement founded by our VP Director, Damon Green. He began saving money to purchase clothes, food and necessities to hand out In December of 2016. As word got around he began getting donations from other people that too wanted to do their part. He (joined by his sister on Christmas Eve) drove from Provincetown to Boston providing whatever he could for veterans in need. This later lead to hosting group sessions in his home and therapy walks through the beautiful trails of the Cape. 

A Word:

“All I wanted to do was give back, in any way I can, however I could. I’ve met so many amazing people and heard so many remarkable stories. What I’ve gotten back in return is immeasurably valuable. 

I needed to try to do something. I’ve lost too many to suicide and addiction. Mental health is real. During my really difficult times…. I had a great mentor and role model John Alexander that reminded me there’s always a tomorrow. 

Might be great, might be terrible. But the more tomorrow’s you have the more solutions you can find to make more good days than bad. I hope to make an impact on at least one persons life the way he did mine. 

So I let ‘em know I’m always One Call Away.” 

-Damon Green


Thank you for supporting our local heroes. And for being an ally in our battle against veteran suicide. 

Through your donations, promotions and so forth we are able to help the brave men and women that served our country.


Therapeutic/Wellness Services, Programs and Activities:

-Support System


-EFT (Emotinal Freedom Technique)/Tapping

-Adjustment Outings

-Emergency Aid

-Various Support Groups



-Increase Coping Mechanisms 

-Music therapy


-Community Outreach

-Educational/Informative Workshops

*and so much more to our veterans and their families. 

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