Becoming Free Retreat


Self Awareness: Cultivating Inner Peace

Workshop Presenter: Tiffany Mangum

What is self-awareness? Why is Self-Awareness important for our Well-Being and Inner Peace?  How do we increase our self-awareness? What role does self-awareness play in self-acceptance? How does self-awareness allow you tap into Joy? 

We will explore self-awareness through: 

  • mindfulness meditation

  • interactive with the Awareness/Feeling Wheel

  • journaling

  • breathing techniques; EFT techniques

  • mindful movement 


We will create a list: setting boundaries, practicing acceptance, and tapping into our Inner Peace.

We will learn how we can use the Awareness wheel for our meditative practice and our Feelings Wheel for intentions and manifestations. 

We will ground through a breathwork technique Dirga Pranayama (Three-part breath) that will help us to focus our attention in the present moment (self-awareness), release conditioned thoughts, and set ourselves to practice affirmations, aligning with ahimsa (kindness and compassion) and finding Joy. 

Warrior Groove 

Workshop Presenter: Linda N. Wells

Linda Wellness Warrior will lead an hour-long, Yoga for All, music-infused yogic flow inspired to teach you how to embrace radical self-love and body trust. Following the Wellness Warrior flow, experience an open dance floor featuring soulful funky beats courtesy of her partner, mixologist Maurice “DJ Mojavi” Wilkey! 

Workshop Presenters

tiffany magnum

Tiffany Magnum

Founder, Trupeace Wellness Collective | Yoga & Mindfulness Coach

Tiffany (She/Her) is a mother of two, passionate certified yoga and mindfulness teacher who loves to bring people together with movement and Founder of Trupeace Wellness Collective. Trupeace Wellness makes yoga and meditation accessible to the community. Tiffany has been practicing and teaching for many years using it to release, embrace, and heal through all lifes' challenges. She is a strong advocate for inclusivity and believes that movement and breathwork is beneficial to all Beings. She believes that self-awareness is key to self-acceptance linking BODY(movement), MIND (manifest), SPIRIT (meditation) and  journaling to create stronger bonds and positivity with oneself. In each of her classes she invites you to listen but mostly FEEL the movement and rhythm of your breath. Her favorite mantra: I am free. I am balanced. I am healed. I release. I love. 

Linda Wellness Warrior Headshot Lotus mudra (1).JPG

Linda Wells, M.Ed., E-CYT 500

The Wellness Warrior

Linda's (She/Her/We) mission is to create a wellness rebellion by teaching people how to assert personal agency by reclaiming themselves through adaptable and inclusive yoga. Recognizing that stress may be an unavoidable part of our lives, Linda draws upon her in-depth study to help her students develop resilience in the face of modern life demands.

To Linda, leading the rebellion is helping others to identify and replace the precursors to burnout with strategies for reclaiming their spirit, full humanity, and live healthier. Through movement, stress-management techniques, philosophy, meditation, and breathwork from yoga and allied sciences, Linda accesses methods across a broad spectrum of fields to help restore balance. 


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