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Donations to B Free go directly to helping people access mental health, wellness and movement  programs that enable individuals to recover from trauma and addiction, and nurture a collective wellbeing on Cape Cod. 

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B Free Wellness has truly changed my life. When I first came to the studio in Hyannis, I was a week into sobriety  from alcohol. Fragile, scared, and ready for change. In between Refuge Recovery meetings, I attended Restorative  Yoga classes. Each time made me cry as I lay in a comforting position, in a safe space, with no judgment. Trauma  truly does live in the body. 

Five months into recovery, I can't imagine ever going back to drinking. I'm focusing on my mental and physical  health more than ever, and doing work I'm actually good at in a professional environment. None of this would have  been possible without B Free, and for that and so much more, I'm eternally grateful. 

– Tamika

Thank you to our major supporters!

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