Wellness + Mindfulness Coaching


At B FREE we believe in community.  We believe in collective healing together.  


Our small group Wellness + Mindfulness programming is here to meet your needs in a small group setting at the studio or out in nature. 

“When I is replaced with WE even illness becomes wellness"

- Malcolm X

Our coaches will guide small groups on a variety of different themes such as mindfulness and trauma, thriving in recovery, BIPOC Healing groups, nature walks, and children’s movement activities.  


We also specialize in serving our local veterans and first responders to help alleviate symptoms of Post Traumatic  Disorder through our community gatherings and “One  Call Away” program launching soon. 


Our wellness and coaching programs are geared towards having fun, creating joy, and continuing to celebrate the beauty of the human spirit. 


We do offer individual sessions on an as-needed basis with Ayanna and or our Wellness coaches upon request. Pricing is the same for our tiered pricing model depending on how many sessions being requested.

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