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What We Offer

B Free Wellness welcomes adults & kids ages 5-105 residing on Cape Cod, MA + beyond.  We specialize in working with anyone coping with complex trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse; our BIPOC community, first responders,  our criminal justice population, and our veterans.

Trauma + Collective Healing = Wellbeing


Racial Trauma Healing

Prevention: Children's Programming

Wellness Coaching + Clinical Services

Holistic Wrap Around Services

Movement + Mindfulness + Mediatation

Recovery Services

Healing Justice

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First Responders + Veterans


Our Plans

Our goal is to create + foster a more needs-based approach to the practice of self-care, fitness + yoga that centers around motivating awareness and a sense of determination.


Those who need additional support can access the benefits of B Free Wellness with a lessened burden of cost, while those with the resources to spare can contribute while supporting their own practice + wellness, a fellow member of the community, our teaching family + our mission.

Single Class


Single class passes are good for one class or coaching session and expire 30 days from purchase.

Monthly Unlimited + Coaching


Auto-renewed every 4 weeks and good for all weekly classes plus weekly wellness coaching. 

10-Class Pass


Good for 10 classes

Monthly Unlimited


Auto-renewed every 4 weeks for all weekly classes plus one-time wellness coach consult and personal training assessment.

Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Counseling​


Clinical Therapy

Personal Training


To view individual services pricing or to get more info, please visit the BFree app. B Free also offers sliding fee-based services such as recovery coaching, counseling, Reiki, and  massage. Therapy services are provided by three Licensed Clinical Social Workers, including  Founder and CEO, Ayanna Freedom. And, for clients in need of intensive support to recover from  addiction, trauma, or mental health issues, B Free offers a three-month comprehensive coaching  and wellness program, which is supported by individual donations, corporate sponsorship, and foundation grants. 

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