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We are collective healing.

B FREE heals personal and community trauma through the empowering integration of mental health, physical wellness, and holistic services.

We provide a community and space which allows people to become who they are meant to be, in an environment that is fun, non-judgmental and fosters the human spirit to become + feel free.  We believe in providing opportunities which collaborate with a variety of healing modalities, medical models and holistic practices that support healing of the mind, body + soul as one.

Experience B FREE


Our Mission

B Free Wellness is a community that transforms people’s lives by providing free or low cost services including movement, mindfulness, and coaching programs to those whose lives have been affected by trauma, addiction and oppression.

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Who We Serve

B Free Wellness welcomes adults & kids ages 5-105 residing on Cape Cod, MA + beyond.  We specialize in working with anyone coping with complex trauma, PTSD, or substance abuse; our BIPOC community, first responders, our criminal justice population and our veterans.


You Can Help

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations go directly to healing services to the B FREE Community.  Every donation saves a life and puts them on the path of true healing and a life of freedom.

My dream was to create a space where everyone can belong. A space where people can heal together, move, breathe and call home. I want mental health and wellness to really be accessible for all.

– Ayanna Freedom, Founder

Our Intentions + Guiding Principles

We believe all bodies + minds are recovering from something and deserve to feel free.
We provide individual + group support using the B FREE Coaching model allowing people to find their true selves, recover from what they need to, evolve into who they want to become + enjoy life.
We believe in serving the recovery community dealing with substance use + abuse + are committed to changing the face of addiction to empowerment on Cape Cod + beyond.
We believe in providing workshops, classes, and retreats that incorporate movement + mindfulness in what gives the mind + body access to healing.
We believe in mental wealth, not just health.
We believe in partnering with the BIPOC community to support them on the journey of healing racial trauma and provide services as an example of closing the wealth gap in the community.
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