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Healing Justice Program

B FREE Healing Justice Program aims to serve individuals involved in the criminal justice system/probation/court and the Barnstable County Correctional facility.

The goal will be to support those struggling with severe mental health and substance disorders by providing wraparound holistic, clinical, group and positive community support.

Services include

Individual and group substance use treatment
Healthy management of triggers and emotions utilizing mindfulness and holistic techniques and tools
Provide consultation to court and correctional staff in managing secondary trauma
Provide individual trauma sensitive health, nutrition and coaching

Free access to all wellness and mindfulness classes at B FREE including but not limited to yoga, meditation, fitness,

dance intuitive movement and more.

Provide a positive non judgmental supportive community that is committed to collective healing

Specific services available to support those experiencing oppression including the

LGBTQ+, BIPOC and other marginalized communities.

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Thank you to the Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation for their generous support of our healing justice program

For more information or to request services, contact Ayanna:

With the help of our amazing donors, sponsors and grant supporters, no one is turned away for any service due to financial hardship.  We are committed to removing that barriers for mental health and wellness.
this form if you are in need of support.

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