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Meet the B FREE Team


Tanya J. Lobo

Healing Justice Social Worker

A professional with over 20 years of experience, Tanya holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psych with a minor in child/adolescent development & a Master's degree in Psychology. Tanya is the Founder & CEO of T.R.U.E. Diversity Inc., a civic & social organization empowering youth, families & communities to have successful outcomes through prevention programs & equitable diverse


Her advocacy & contributions to dismantling inequities in the movement for educational equity, mental health resources for children & youth, & helping families gain economic opportunities is unwavering. Tanya is a catalyst for change of broken systems, especially those impeding BIPOC families from progressing. She prides herself on meeting others where they are & creating connections through similarities. She is a conscious leader, entrepreneur, change agent, mentor & visionary.


Tanya is the Chair of the Bristol County Commission on the Status of Women, sits on the board of directors for the Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce, Taunton Area School to Career Youth Council, & serves on other committees & boards supporting youth, women, & social justice.

For more information about Tanya, visit her website:


Naticia Reid

Social Media Coordinator

Meet Naticia Reid, the Owner of Administrative Concierge Service, a dynamic agency offering virtual assistant, graphic design, social media management, and business-building services. With a background rooted in administrative roles and management for over 5 years, Naticia is deeply involved in her community. She is a proud recipient of the 40 under 40 award and an esteemed EforAll Alumni.


Christy Ray.jpg

Christy L. Ray

Studio Instructor

What's up? I'm Christy, and I teach dance fitness classes and Zumba.  I love the mission of B Free and am honored to teach here. Let's view fitness from the lens of a journey of abundance, inspiration, empowerment, self-acceptance, and love.


In each class, we are creating a space here for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, skill levels, and backgrounds to feel safe to be themselves, have fun, move their bodies, and get all the physical, emotional, and even spiritual benefits of shaking your *groove thang*!  Giddyup!

For more information about Christy, check out her IG profile



Lindsay Guinan

Financial Manager, Program Director, & Group Facilitator

Lindsay is a Cape Cod native and mom to three children.  Becoming a mom is what first started her on her long journey of learning about health, fitness, and nutrition.  Lindsay completed her 300-hour yoga teacher training in 2023 and her yoga study specialties include children’s, prenatal, and yin restorative. She is also a NASM-certified personal trainer and AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor. Children's (or Family) yoga is her favorite class to teach! 


Lindsay completed the B Free Coaching program and a Masters degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health in 2022. In her coaching, she will consider many different areas of health beyond nutrition and fitness to help her clients achieve their optimal wellness. 

To learn more about Lindsay, you can visit her website or IG profile


Email Lindsay


Saramaria Allenby

Healing Justice Coach & Group Facilitator

Reverend Saramaria Allenby is an ordained clergy in the UCC and was the Spiritual Care Advisor at Gosnold for 7 years. She worked there teaching spirituality and practices as well as developed programming for blessed people in recovery. She leads groups on love, hope, joy, openness, self-acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness as well as praying with the body (an embodied spiritual centering practice based in sacred writings and yoga - to name a few).


She has been working with Wellstrong since it opened leading mediation, and group practices. She is also a Chaplain at Falmouth Hospital and she teaches online at


Julia Rugo

Sound Reiki Healer & Group Facilitator

Julia Rugo is a Transformational Life Coach and Yoga Teacher who leads clients through holistic embodiment practices to enhance their impact, fulfillment, and emotional capacity. Her background expands a decade in yoga, holistic healing, engineering, and facilitating wellness. Julia applies solutions to enrich people’s lives, helping them catalyze change, welcome presence, and stay light amidst transformation. Julia values self-expression and creates safe places to explore, practice, trust, and unleash people’s intuitive authenticity, peace, and happiness.

Alissa Fleet_headshot_12.jpg

Alissa Fleet

Integrative Counselor & Outreach Manager

Alissa creates space for people to reconnect to their inner knowing to bring healing and vitality into their relationships, health, and purpose. 


She is a Facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations, which is a practice for confronting individual, family, and collective trauma for healing and restoration.

Alissa offers one-on-one sessions and community workshops on connecting to your roots, finding what's in the way of expressing your true self, and releasing the burdens you may be carrying.

She also brings a systemic approach to organizations for creative problem-solving, informed by her first career in human-centered design and innovation.

Alissa grew up on Cape Cod and is grateful to be back after many adventures.

More info:

IG: @alissafleet


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